Frequently Asked Questions

Belows are frequently asked questions. If it is not what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact DCOM for further assistants.

Q1: What is The Basic Document that needed for Registration ?

1. If You (foreigner) are a citizen in Japan : Japanese Residence Card is required.
2. If You (traveler) are traveling in Japan : Passport is required.
3. If You (originally/natonality) are a Japanese : Driver License & Insurance Cardare required.
4. If You (become) are a Japanese : Driver License & Insurance Card are required.
5. If You (Diplomat/Official) are a Goverment Official : Passport, Diplomat/Official Identification Card, Salary Income Proof, A letter issued by Your Embassy that showing your legibilty in Japan.

These are the basic document that be needed for Membership Registration.
However, there might be posibilty that DCOM will asking you to provide more documents in future.

Q2: How do I Send Money through DCOM Money Express ?

Please follow this link to be able send the money through DCOM Service :
How to Send

Q3: How much the fee charges ?

Fee Charges

Q4: Does DCOM Money Express have monthly/years fee?

No, DCOM Money Express does not charge anything for Membership Fee.
Free Registration, Free Administration, & Free Online DCOM Membership Access.

Q5: How long the transsactions can be receive, after DCOM Send The Money ?

By using MoneyGram, it takes 10 Minutes after DCOM Proccess the Transaction.

Q6: Does it possible to receive money in Japan from other countries via Online ?

Yes, it is possible.
After you complete your Membership Registration, please follow these links

Q7: Does it possible to send money to send to other country if I am not in Japan ?

Sorry, We don't have that service.
Our service only for who thoose live in Japan.

Q8: I am traveller in Japan, and i want to pay my bill in my home country urgently. Does it ok?

Sorry, Traveller are not allowed to Send Money From Japan to other countries.
Traveller only allow to received money.

Q9: What is the Maximum Limit for Transaction ?

Please Contact Us, regarding the Limit of Your Transaction.