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Last updated at: 2020-09-27 12:03
Receive Currency Exchange rate
Australia Dollar (AUD) AUD 0.013339 JPY 74.96813
Bangladesh Taka (BDT) BDT 0.810506 JPY 1.233797
Euro (EUR) EUR 0.008060 JPY 124.0694
Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) IDR 140.0000 JPY 0.007143
India Rupee (INR) INR 0.690249 JPY 1.448753
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR) LKR 1.737610 JPY 0.575503
Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) MYR 0.039088 JPY 25.58329
Nepal Rupee (NPR) NPR 1.103495 JPY 0.906212
New Zealand Dollar (NZD) NZD 0.014318 JPY 69.84215
Philippines Peso (PHP) PHP 0.456000 JPY 2.192982
Pakistan Rupee (PKR) PKR 1.549599 JPY 0.645328
Thailand Baht (THB) THB 0.295999 JPY 3.378390
United States Dollar (USD) USD 0.009389 JPY 106.5076
Viet Nam Dong (VND) VND 218.5000 JPY 0.004577
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Our foreign exchange rate is quoted daily at 10:30AM and valid until 6:00PM. All transactions is made out of above times or during our holidays shall be processed on our next business day with the exchange rate of such day.

※ Please kindly be informed that the exchange rate of DCOM may change during the business hours.