Reasons to Use DCOM

Speedy & Global Service

DCOM Money Express offers an international money transfer service licensed by the Ministry of Finance of Japan. With a wide global network of partners, DCOM can help you transfer money to your relatives in nearly 200 countries and territories quickly and easily.

Safety Guaranteed

In order to protect our customers, we maintain a "Security Deposit Fund" at Local Legal Bureau of Japan with an amount greater than JPY10 million to ensure the safety of your funds. If the receiver has not been paid, the customer will be the only person entitled to withdraw the money transferred to DCOM from this guarantee fund.

Lowest cost

No HIDDEN cost! Our service fee is very competitive as compared to other services -- as low as from 400 JPY. DCOM Money Express offers various ways to accept your remittance funds, depending on which best suit your needs and where you can save more. Contact us for more information.

Easy & Convenient

We are proud to provide our excellent service in multi-language, which would be easy for customers to send money. Also, with our simple registration procedures through Online Verification method, within 15 minutes, you can send money immediately.