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Last updated at: 2022-01-27 05:56
Receive Currency Exchange rate
Australia Dollar (AUD) AUD 0.012083 JPY 82.76090
Bangladesh Taka (BDT) BDT 0.750037 JPY 1.333268
Euro (EUR) EUR 0.007687 JPY 130.0897
Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) IDR 125.7000 JPY 0.007955
India Rupee (INR) INR 0.646733 JPY 1.546233
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR) LKR 1.759635 JPY 0.568300
Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) MYR 0.036286 JPY 27.55883
Nepal Rupee (NPR) NPR 1.035207 JPY 0.965990
New Zealand Dollar (NZD) NZD 0.012959 JPY 77.16644
Philippines Peso (PHP) PHP 0.450000 JPY 2.222222
Pakistan Rupee (PKR) PKR 1.529155 JPY 0.653956
Thailand Baht (THB) THB 0.285257 JPY 3.505611
United States Dollar (USD) USD 0.008669 JPY 115.3535
Viet Nam Dong (VND) VND 197.5000 JPY 0.005063
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Our foreign exchange rate is quoted daily at 10:30AM and valid until 6:00PM. All transactions is made out of above times or during our holidays shall be processed on our next business day with the exchange rate of such day.

※ Please kindly be informed that the exchange rate of DCOM may change during the business hours.