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Last updated:
23-11-2023 07:17


From 0:00 on 27th November to 08:00 on 27th November

In order to provide the high quality service, DCOM Money Express system will be in maintenance from 0:00 on 27th November to 08:00 on 27 November (Japanese time). 

Under the maintenance, our following services will be temporarily unavailable: 
1. Remittance App service 
2. Remittance Web service 
3. SNS such as Messenger, Line, Zalo and WhatsApp  

Our apology to this inconvenience. The system will be operated normally after the maintenance. 

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation. 

DCOM Money Express
05-10-2023 06:27


The code "DCOM2023" will no longer be eligible from 01/10/2023
The program "RECEIVE 1000¥ WHEN YOU REGISTER DCOM MONEY EXPRESS" has ended on 01/10/2023.

- From 01/10/2023, the code "DCOM 2023" will no longer be valid to receive 1000 Yen.
- All customers who have registered validly with the code "DCOM 2023" before 01/10/2023 will receive 1000 Yen in their DCOM account (including customers who complete eKYC after this date).

DCOM Money Express sincerely thanks the thousands of valued customers who participated in the program! Please stay tuned for future campaigns from DCOM Money Express! 

18-08-2023 06:06


From 14/08/2023, receive 1000¥ in DCOM Account when you register.

From 14/08/2023, DCOM Money Express will gift 1000¥ to the account of new customers, and customers who have not made any transaction. 

- For new customer, please enter the Promotion Code "DCOM2023" during registration and then complete the online verification process (eKYC). 
-  For customers who have not made any transaction, please go to DCOM application and follow the guideline. 

Detailed guide on how to receive 1000¥:

Our Featured Services

Cash Deposit via JP Post Bank's ATMs

DCOM provides a Remittance Card to customers which can be used to deposit money via JP Post Bank ATMs.
Customers can send money from anytime, anywhere. All automatic, no need to CALL.

Send money in just 10 minutes!

Through DCOM, you can send money and your receiver can receive the money within 10 minutes.
24/7 service with no holidays. Connected to more than thousands of banks world-wide.

Cash Pickup instantly!

Within 10 minutes after the transaction has been processed, you will receive a Reference Number.
The receiver only needs to present a valid ID and the Reference Number to the pay-out locations to receive the money instantly.

Boost your savings!

DCOM provides service via website and mobile apps helping customers to save time and cost.
Just deposit money to DCOM account one time, customer can send money to many receivers in anytime!

Automatically transfer money to the receiver registered on the card. Transfer money 24/7, no need to contact DCOM. Transfer at Post Bank ATMs nationwide.


Deposit money to your DCOM account easier. Transfer money to any receiver using DCOM's Website or App. 24-hours operation. No need to contact DCOM. Recharge from Post Bank ATMs nationwide.

Reasons to Use DCOM's Services

  • Quick money transfer within 10 minutes.
  • Simple, convenient, and cost-effective Service.
  • 24/7 transactions including Saturdays, Sundays, and even holidays.
  • Provide an invoice for tax refund.
  • Register via Phone/Internet/Mobile Apps in multi-language.

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.moneyexpress.dcom https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/dcom-money-express/id1178452385

Message from the CEO


Operated since 2011, DCOM is proud to be one of the leading companies providing money transfer services in Japan. I am the CEO of DCOM MONEY EXPRESS since 2011 and also a founder of the company. I had several years of experience of in remittance business in the Philippines National Bank and Bangkok Bank in Tokyo.

My wish at the establishment was to provide a cost-effective and easy-to-use money transfer service to help and support the foreigner's labor community in Japan. And the desire now is to join hands to build a better foreign community, to help poor children having better opportunities and lives. I am very grateful to you for using DCOM's services.

Hoang Quang Thai